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individual & group coaching

Connect directly with Kimmaree for Consulting and Coaching support.

In-person appointments are available on request.Regular coaching and consulting sessions are usually conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing or telephone.

Kimmaree has worked with the Sydney and Belmont Business Enterprise Centers as a business coach and Founders Mentor.

Kimmaree has also worked as a consultant and advisor to government and enterprise size private organisations, Kimmaree’s consulting work has had a focuses on complex and systematic problem solving and cultural and behavioural change project management. You can read more about some of the major change projects Kimmaree has consulted to government on at

Kimmaree works with SME business owners and professionals as a catalyst for business and personal growth.  The structured problem solving expertise applied ot building a business foundation for growth through systematising (or automating) operations so that business founders can hand over the day to day management of back office and production activities to employees or confidently outsource. As part of the coaching and consulting process, Kimmaree Thompson provides resources and access to supplementary training, tools and strategies to ensure founders have systems in place to sustain quality and key risk management as they delegate more of the hands on work to others.

While the rigorous analysis and problem solving experience provides a solid foundation, at the heart of every business is people, Kimmaree Thompson understands that for an organisation to flourish … the people who work within the organisation need to flourish.

When it comes to behavioural change and cultural change Kimmaree works with the science based Positive Psychology tools and strategies. Kimmaree is an experienced Appreciative Inquiry workshop facilitator and has conducted strategy, planning and community consultation using strengths based approaches and the positive psychology tools that include Appreciative Inquiry.

As an Executive Coach, Kimmaree works with NSW government senior executives to support them preparing for Senior Executive promotion has mentored and coached Senior Executive clients through the Government Job Application Process and preparing for Government Job Interviews.

As an experienced change consultant and job application skills trainer to the NSW Government, Kimmaree is has expertise using the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, she provides training to NSW Government Selection Panel Members and front line workers on how to apply for Government Jobs.

Kimmaree Thompson applies a cognitive behavioural coaching approach, the major difference between Cognitive Behavioural Coaching [CBC] and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT] is that CBC has a focus on achieving a personal or professional goal fulfillment – where CBT has a focus on addressing psychological difficulties or impairments.

As coaching has a goal achievement orientated, it can be characterised as unlocking potential, improving performance, enhancing wellbeing and delivering measurable results.

Want to get a feel for who Kimmaree Thompson is?Here is an interviewed by Joanne ShoebridgeABC Radio North Coast NSW on 10 Feb 2014“My Music” segmentLink to Joanne Shoebridge Show |