• Speed has a bit impact on online sales, we take it seriously, we are constantly tweaking our processes to ensure our websites are optimised for speed and we are hosted on the fastest Australian based servers we can find.
  • We optimise your website for speed and use Google page speed as an independent page speed test to report our results.  The Google page speed test will give a mobile and a desktop speed report.  We also use GMetrix that includes the video load times.  Both of these tools are free and available for you to independently verify the results we report to you. When we do the speed test we do the test on Australian servers, not from servers hosted in Europe (that consistently show a faster response time).
  • Our goal is to get under 3-seconds load time. Unfortunately in Australia, once you get out of the Capital City CBD we have a lot of slow internet and the mobile phone internet speeds are particularly slow.
  • Our process allows us to design web pages that have a mobile version and a desktop/laptop version of the same web page, we can use this option to wind back the animations and video on the mobile if your desktop website is image/video/animations heavy and slowing down your mobile website.
  • Depending on your business you will be expected to have a certain amount of animation, video, and analytics scripts to ensure that your website is presenting the image that you want to project and that you can collect the analytics you need to fine tune your business process for growth and profitability – we will discuss with you the options and optimise accordingly.
  • We can run speed tests on your 2 or 3 of your competitors websites to make sure your speed is competitive.
  • If you have a SME website and speed is at the core of your online business model, we offer a service that consistently tweaks your website to get the response time to under 2-seconds, even if your site has heavy video and animations. For a medium sized website that process could take up to three months of tweaks and changes to consistently achieve this speed. Here is the link to that service, it is the “Digital Platform” Option.

Sometimes Google and GTMetrix report your website as being fast but you cannot replicate the same experience on your phone or laptop; if this is the case, her is  bit more on why your website may appear slow when you log on ( particularly between 6.30pm and 9pm)