• Part of the service that is built into our standard price is the option to create a pop-up that will ask visitors to your site if they would like to save your mobile website to their phone/mobile device’s front page ie to save it with an App Logo directly on their phone.  They will not need to go to the Apple or Google store to download this “App” they will be able to download it straight away to their phone and have a determinant link on their phone.
  • Additionally their phone will cache some of the information from your site, so they can do updates – even if they are off line.  Those updates will then be synced when they later come back into internet range.
  • This type of non-App-Store App is called a Progressive Web App, or PWA. They process is supported by both Apple and Android and you can read more about the process and how it came into being on Wikipedia here  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_web_application
  • We include the option to have this “App” as a standard part of our website package, when we build for WordPress using the Avada Theme because Avada Developers support a PWA and ensure that there is no conflict when they upgrade the theme.  If you choose to take up this option, the design of the mobile version of your website will need to be kept “light” so that you do not use too many resources on your customers telephone.  The information next explains more about how your mobile site is cached on the clients phone.

Who uses PWA’s?  Everyone from Tinder to Spotify.  You can read more about it here https://onilab.com/blog/20-progressive-web-apps-examples/

Want to do a deep dive into how they work this is a deep dive article https://www.elegantmedia.com.au/blog/progressive-web-apps-pwa-vs-native-app-pros-and-cons/

We also offer the option of a standard App Store App development, if you are interested in exploring an App Store App then please book a free initial consult to discuss.