• As a standard practice we build WordPress Websites using the Avada Theme.
  • If you are just starting up, we may recommend an alternative to help you get started for a low-tech low-cost getting started option, a way for you to test your idea and make sure you can make money from it to fund your website development. Otherwise we generally stick with WordPress and the Avada Theme.
  • We use the Avada Theme because it is the best selling WordPress theme ever, it is used on over 650,000 WordPress websites, it is updated and upgraded regularly, there is a huge network of people who will be able to help you out if you decide to take your website to another support person – it is the most sustainable theme we can offer our clients if we want to say we are empowering you to take full control of your website, we do not believe in creating structural dependencies through he use of in-house bespoke website development systems that would limit who you can get to help you, should you decide to host your website with someone other than us.
  • Using the Avada Theme you will always be able to host your website on any mainstream hosting service and you will be able to find many website developers who will be able to help you edit and maintain your website.
  • We can use Divi or other themes if clients are wedded to them but we do not offer the same level of maintenance and support as part of our core expertise.
  • You can read more about the Avada Theme from the developers here https://avada.theme-fusion.com/
  • Or how it has dominated the WordPress space in just 3-years here https://www.collectiveray.com/themefusion-avada-theme-review#:~:text=Avada%20is%20the%20best%2Dselling,even%20third%2Dparty%20plugin%20integrations.
  • Or look at a HubSpot Review of a few sites here (including Russel Brand) https://blog.hubspot.com/website/avada-theme