Training & Masterclass Programmes

Online Reputation Management

How to deal with the negative & maximise the positive content

Systematise and automate the way you deal with negative online content and maximise the positive online content. Step-by-step coaching and practical activities to help you analyse your business current online reputation management status, then automate good online reputation systems customised to your business, your industry.

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NSW Government Job Application Skills

How to apply for NSW Government Jobs
application & interview skills

The NSW Government uses  NSW Public Sector Capability Framework to structure job descriptions and guide their recruitment process.  The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework is a new system, even experienced Public Servants may require coaching to successfully apply for a new job or a promotion using the Framework.

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Business Process Automation – The Foundation For Growth

Evolve your business, when you are ready to delegate and grow your team.

Your business processes are the accumulated lessons learned from hard won experience. This coaching program is a simple, fast step-by-step system to help you capture the unique value you have created as you grow your business.

Program Launch:  2018

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Social Media for Networking

How to build your professional network using social media.

 It is called ‘social’ media for a reason. People are there to interact with others who they are friends with, who can help them, or who have something interesting or helpful to say.  This Social Media Masterclass program will help you create systems for growing and nurturing your professional network.

Program Launch:  2018

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Business Etiquette & Communication

The way you behave is a reflection of how much you care about the people you’re interacting with.

Just because Australians tend to be more casual in our communication styles, it does not mean the basic tenets of professionalism have changed. Knowing the right thing to say, what to wear, or how to behave can add to our confidence and sense of well being.  We have all noticed when other people have done something offensive, even if they didn’t mean to.  Knowing the appropriate behaviour for appropriate business etiquette or communication is especially important now we have exposure across a variety of technology platforms and virtual communication.

Program Launch:  2018

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Innovate: Tap Into Your Creativity

Through practical activities, discover your hidden sources of creativity. Learn how to tap into your creativity,then nurture it!

In business, no one can afford to do the same thing over and over; disruption will come, use creativity to quickly adapt – be agile, come up with new ideas, and innovate yourself – be the disruptor.

Program Launch:  2018

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With a Kimmaree Thompson Masterclass Program you get a deep-dive into a business or professional development topic.

The Masterclass Programs have been developed from the most requested topics; during Kimmaree Thompson’s small and medium sized business coaching and consulting assignments. A structured program that requires you to take action, make lasting changes to the way you run your business.

Other Masterclass topics reflect the most popular Executive Coaching and Professional Mentoring issues.

Each session ends with a list of activities for you to go back and “make it real” in your business or career.

You get timely answers to your specific questions, and if you join a group session, you get a network of like-minded professionals who are working on the same type of professional issues that you are.

All Business Masterclass Coaching Programs are offered on-demand in-person coaching for individual business founders (with or without their team) on site in Byron Bay. There is regular scheduled availability for in-person coaching in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Online masterclass coaching is available anytime as an individual bespoke program and once or twice a year as Group Coaching.