This Corporate Change Program is run:   In-house at your workplaces or for your industry group or local business.  Live Online.  Pre-recorded on-demand LMS or Government Sponsored public training.



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Thriving Through Change

Corporate Training Workshop


When business government & NGOs are required to implement structural change it can introduce stress and resistance from individual team members groups of team members and sometimes even the whole team.

This Thriving Through Change training program is designed to provide your organisation with the greatest opportunity to retain your high-performance team members, minimise workers compensation payments and time off associated with stress leave and support your Managers and Team Leaders as they guide their teams through the change process.

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When your organisation supports the change process by training the whole team to have a shared model for the change process there is a huge communications ROI from the shared conceptual model of the change curve, shared language and shared understanding of the tools that can support individuals and teams at each stage of the change process.


When you work with Kimmaree Thompson to implement this program in your organisation it can be customised to your specific organisation needs, including the branding on the resouces provided to your team members during the training process.  

If your organisation is considering online learning to roll out this training program, the online options we provide include live Zoom Style workshop delivery and a on-demand LMS version.  We recommend a Train the Trainer session with Managers and Team Leaders if you are intending to roll out the program as a on-demand LMS style program.  

After the training is complete we offer an on-demand 4-Part Refresher program for all participants.  


To explore how the Thriving Through Change Corporate Training may support your organisation, book a free initial consultation with Kimmaree Thompson.

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Kimmaree Thompson has succesfully delivered this training to Enterprise Size Business, as a State-wide training program for State Human Services Government Departments and Publicly To Small Business Owners & Their Teams.


  • Tools To Support You Through Change
  • Changing Habits
  • Understanding Change, what we can control … and what we can’t!
  • The Change Curve & the Emotional Journey Through Change
  • Why We May Resist Change
  • Why Each Team Member May Percieve The Same Change Differently
  • Change and Stress Triggers
  • Survival, Coping and Thriving


This workshop is usually delivered as
2x Half-day Workshops. 

Can be delivered as a 1-Day Workshop.


This workshop is for people:

  • Anyone experiencing major workplace change or industry restructures.
  • Business Managers and Enterprise Team Leaders who are supporting others through change.
  • Government Departments and NGO’s embarking on a major change or restructure.

Kimmaree Thompson has delivered this training live online subsidised by Western Australian SBDC – Small Business Development Coproration for Belmont Business Enterprise Centre​ during 2021, 2022.


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