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The pre-planning is an important part of the process: Kimmaree brings a depth of facilitation experience and for the more complex or controversial facilitation situations structured approaches that include empowering stakeholders through the application of an appreciative inquiry approach.

Kimmaree helps organisations quantify the results of their facilitation days by offering post-event reporting and even ongoing performance monitoring and project coaching.

In addition to large event facilitation Kimmaree has sat as and Independent Panel Member on many Government Senior Executive Interview Panels and led the investigation team for internal investigations into Code of Conduct and bullying and harassment human resource and legislation breaches.  In all cases this type of investigation and fact-finding facilitation includes the preparation of a final report and presentation of the findings to the Executive and sometimes individual feedback to all stakeholders.

Organisation Strengths Workshop

In every organisation or group there is ALWAYS something that works, that is “life-giving” that enthuses and inspires the people who are connected with that organisation or group.  This half-day or full-day workshop is to re-connect your people with what it is that inspires them to be aligned with your organisation.

This is a strengths based approach to re-align your culture with what is positive and what is inspiring; especially useful if there has been negative public media coverage, a period of high staff-turnover a serious safety failure or governance incident.

This workshop is is inspired by the Positive Psychology research and uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Appreciative Inquiry principles, tools and approaches; a strengths based approach to identifying what is working, what is unique and inspiring about your organisation.  Building on strengths is a more inspiring and uplifting way to start rebuilding your organisation after a major incident or failure, or just to re-energise your organisation after a period of heavy work-pressures or high-pressure deadlines for a major contract delivery.

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Change Resilience Workshop

Are you are about to start a change process, or if your team is just suffering from change fatigue.

Employees can flourish during periods of intense or systemic change but they need support to amplify their natural resilience.

With this Change Resilience workshop, Kimmaree Thompson will guide your employees through a process to identify the systems, processes and practices that are currently strengths of the system, strengths that should be preserved to help them through the change process.

Continuity is part of any change, helping employees see the support systems that will be continuing to support them through the change process is one outcome of this workshop, managers will get a clear understanding of how they can effectively support their team through the change process.

This workshop is based on the Appreciative Inquiry Workshop model, Appreciative Inquiry is a proven change management approach that delivers increased levels of engagement by team members in the change process. Actionable initiatives to build resilience can also be an outcome of this 1-day workshop.

The Appreciative Inquiry Workshop process is particularly powerful for Whole of Organisation Consultation, large group consultation is easily accommodated by this approach.

Contact Kimmaree to book your free initial briefing on how this workshop could help you build employee resilience and maintain performance during intense or ongoing change.

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Telling Your Organisation Story

What is your story, the story of your organisation or even the story of your founder?

Really understanding your story and the messages that your story can share with your clients or stakeholders can create a sense of shared values and trust. Story telling also lets people understand your culture and unique priorities.

Kimmaree offers a series of half-day and full-day workshops and individual Founders Coaching to help you develop your business story and then use your story to connect with new supporters, clients and stakeholders. A clear narrative about your organisation’s story can help you attract the best employees and supporters.

Kimmaree also offers a workshop on story telling for marketing, how to “tell the story” of your new season’s range or your unique perspective when you market goods into an otherwise generic market.  Storytelling in marketing helps you create an emotional connection with your clients, supporters and stakeholders.

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Kimmaree Thompson holds the post-nominal M.A.I.B.E.F as a member of the Australasian Institute of Business and Enterprise Facilitators Inc.

She has worked as an independent workshop and consultation facilitator for Corporate, Government and NGO Organisations. Everything from large community consultations on where to spend new government infrastructure funding to individual and small-group feedback sessions to find out why staff turnover has increased in some regional locations.

Kimmaree has also facilitated corporate planning days for participation in major events and public promotions and acted as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for Conferences and Summits.

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