It is rare to find a business coach and mentor as talented as Kimmaree. She is an experienced, pragmatic and empowering catalyst for performance improvement.

Dr. Kate McCauley

Cities & Precincts Leader

Kit’s upbeat energy, drive, and determination to achieve outcomes make working with her a pleasure rather than a chore. Her network of long-term associations demonstrate her ability to provide value over time, and to attract and retain the trust and respect of people she works with.

Michael Carpenter

Director Security & Strategy, Oracle Corporation

Business Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring & Training Sessions

Kimmaree Thompson has extensive corporate and government consulting & coaching experience, with specialist expertise in organisational and behavioural change. She is committed to the Positive Psychology approach to behavioural change and has a passion for helping her clients #thrive and #flourish

Particular to Western Australia, Kimmaree has experience as an Accredited Business Advisor with Business Enterprise Centres Australia and Digital Business Advisor with Belmont Business Enterprise Centre.

Kimmaree uses a holistic approch to coaching and consulting, she draws strongly on the Positive Psychology principles and practices building #resilience, #flourishing & #flow to build #empowerment and #thrive.

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Online, Telephone & In-person

Online across the globe and in-person Coaching & Consulting Sessions in Perth and Western Australia. TBA when Sydney and Byron Bay in-person sessions will be reactivated.


Group Coaching & Training

Structured Programs including Digital Business and Personal Branding are offered to the public during the year. The group programs are also offered as corporate professional development programs for Government & Corporations.


Strengths-based Approach

Kimmaree is a Positive Psychology Practictioner and behavioural change specialists, she uses a strengths based approach that is informed by Positive Pschology principles.


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10% Discount for 3-Session Subscription Package
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20% Discount for 6-Session Subscription Package
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Individual Sessions

1/2-hr Session
AUD$150.00 + GST

1-hr Session
AUD$250.00 + GST

1 1/2-hr Session
AUD$320.00 + GST


Groups & Corporate

Group Live Sessions
Per Person From AUD$60.00 + GST

Corporate In-house Group Session
From AUD$1,500 + GST

I engaged Kimmaree Thompson as a business consultant on more than one occasion to assist the business with a large change programme which required in-depth analysis and some hard core decision making as a result of that analysis.

I was most impressed with the systems approach to change management which Kimmaree utilised – making sense of rather ‘tangled’ and ancient processes, so affording clarity for partners and stakeholders.

Kimmaree had great rapport with the senior directors and was able to bring some challenging issues into the open in a non-threatening and positive way, ensuring that the best possible outcomes could be attained for the project.

I highly recommend Kimmaree as a provider of ethical, expert consultancy across the business and would happily engage her services in the future.

Sue Mcintosh

Director, Corporate Services, Royal Rehab Hospital


Kimmaree Thompson uses a strengths-based approach, informed by Positive Psychology principles, when she provides consulting and coaching services.

This video provides an overview of the Positive Psychology approach.

Kit (Kimmaree) has worked with my business several times, and I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is a systems guru!

Kit (Kimmaree) is exceptionally good at getting to the root cause of the issues and finding ways of doing things better & more efficiently & effectively. She can make a system out of anything – be it getting Intellectual Property out of my head into a concrete system or detailing systems & processes in my business to keep things running smoothly. On top of that, she’s an extremely genuine person with the highest integrity, and unlike most systems people, she has a very easy to get on with & likeable personality, so she’s a pleasure to work with!

Simon Smith

Founder, Southern Cross Coaching & Development


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