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Kimmaree Thompson is a positive change and digital business consultant, Principal Director & Founder of #thePOSITIVE Business Agency, she uses a strengths-based approach rooted in science of positive psychology combined with solid structured problem solving as a Certified REASON® root cause analysis lead analyst and trainer.

Kimmaree sees herself as a catalyst for change, empowering others through activating their own innate creativity, motivation and innovation.

Relocated back to Perth in 2020, from Sydney and Byron Bay where she spent over a decade providing digital transformation and corporate change management consultancy advice and support to government, corporates and small business; she has a passion for creative industries and regional development.

Kimmaree has a passion for growing creative industries, she is also a Board Member of the Food, Fibre & Timber Industries Training Council (WA) Inc. and the Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc.

Over many years Kimmaree has supported small and medium businesses owners and government executives as a business systems advisor, trainer and executive coach.  Kimmaree is an Accredited Business Advisor, mentor and has worked with the Sydney and Belmont Business Enterprise Centres as a business advisor and mentor. She is passionate about individual empowerment and the practical use of digital tools and strategies to automate and streamline operations for individuals, NGO’s, business, industries, communities and regions.

You can read more about the public enterprise digital transformation and organisation change projects Kimmaree has worked on during her time in the Eastern States by clicking on the Major Project Case Studies link below.

As a Board Member of the Federation of Business and Professional Women Australia and having previously served on the NSW UN Women Board and Chaired a BPW UN Global Compact Committee, Kimmaree is an active advocate in her day to day life for the the corporate governance guidelines and ethical standards documented in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact including good corporate practice standards including social justice and gender-equality at all leadership and decision making levels within government, business and NGO organisations.


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Public Major Project and Assignment Profiles.


Facilitator, Presenter and Event Master of Ceremonies.


Radio Interviews, Newspaper Column & Commentator.


Company Secretary
SANAS Australia Pty Ltd

Board Member
Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc.

Board Member
Food, Fibre & Timber Industries Training Council (WA) Inc.

Director Finance [Treasurer] National Board
Federation of Business and Professional Women [BPW]

President, National eClub
Federation of Business and Professional Women


Accredited Business Advisor
Business Enterprise Centres Australia 

Digital Business Advisor
Belmont Business Enterprise Centre

Australasian Institute of Business and Enterprise Facilitators Inc. (AIBEF)


Public Officer & for part of term Board Secretary
Regional Development Australia – Northern Rivers .

Chairman, United Nations Global Compact Taskforce.
International Federation of Business & Professional Women .

President & Membership Director.
Sydney, Federation of Business and Professional Women – BPW .

Business Mentor & Community Partner, Sydney Business Enterprise Centre.
NSW Department of Commerce and Trade .

​​​​​​​Committee Member, Finance Committee.
Girl Guides Western Australia .

Co-Project Coordinator, Women in Music.
Western Australian Music Industry Association.

Chairman & Deputy Chairman, Committee of Management
Public Administration Industry and Training Council of WA (Inc.).

​​​​​​​Committee Member, Public Sector Management Course, Local Management Group
Commonwealth, State and Territory Government Joint Venture.

Board Member, Diploma in Financial Management & Accounting Board of Management
West Australian Government \, Office of Premier and Cabinet.

Committee Member, Public Sector Financial Skills Development Steering Committee
West Australian Public Service Commission/ – WMDO.

Committee Member, Contracting of Personnel and Payroll Systems & Services Committee
West Australian Bureau of State Services.

Committee Member, Finance Sub-committee of Board of Management
West Australian Sports Centre Trust, [Challenge Stadium

Member, 4th Australian Masters Games, Financial Management Sub-committee
West Australian Sports Centre Trust, 

​​​​​​​Board Member, Women in Management
Australian Institute of Management