Senior Advisor
IMS (Incident Management System) Program​​​​​​​

ims+ is being delivered by the Clinical Excellence Commission in collaboration with eHealth NSW.

As part of her ims+ Senior Advisor role Kimmaree qualified as a HETI (Health Education and Training Institute) online training system administrator.

Kimmaree was engaged as the Senior Advisor for the design of the Statewide training rollout for the new ims+ Incident Management System.

She also designed the training program to roll out the new system Statewide.  Using the new ims+ system will be mandatory for all (over 120,000) NSW Health employees and contractors, including medical staff.



Clinical Excellence Commission in collaboration with eHealth NSW

The incident management system (ims+) to replace the current NSW Health incident management tool known as the Incident Information Management System (IIMS).

NSW Health has over 120,000 employees and contractors,

ims+ will improve the ability to effectively record, track, manage and report on clinical, Work Health & Safety and corporate incidents as well as consumer feedback, including actions taken to address issues and mitigate existing risks.

With ims+ the incident reporting process will be easier for frontline staff to use and provided quality data and more detailed reporting. It will also enable automated feedback to the notifiers of incidents.

The improved quality of captured information and access to useful data will assist managers at all levels to identify systems gaps and lead to improvements that result in safer and better care for the nearly 2 million people who use the NSW Health System each year.