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coaching & advisorKimmaree Thompson Coach Advisor Independent Director

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“ Kit’s (Kimmaree’s) upbeat energy, drive, and determination to achieve outcomes make working with her a pleasure rather than a chore. Her network of long-term associations demonstrate her ability to provide value over time, and to attract and retain the trust and respect of people she works with.”
Michael Carpenter, Director of Regulatory Compliance at Oracle
“Kit (Kimmaree) has worked with my business several times, and I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is a systems guru!”
Simon Smith, Chief Executive Officer , Southern Cross Coaching & Development
” Kimmaree had great rapport with the senior directors and was able to bring some challenging issues into the open in a non-threatening and positive way, ensuring that the best possible outcomes could be attained for the project.”
Sue McIntosh, Director Corporate Services, Royal Rehab

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