This Business Growth & Process Automation Program is run:   In-house at your workplaces as a workshop.  As live online Public Group Coaching & As An Individual Coaching Program.



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ORM: Online Reputation Management Systems


This ORM, Online Reputation Management Masterclass Program is designed for established (and emerging) businesses and organisations. Idealy the Founder, the Board of Management or CEO would work through this Masterclass Program with their team, together build a sustainable operating system to protect the online reputation of your organisation or business.

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Information is continuously being posted about us online, available for the world to see, some of it true and some of it not true … and we have very little control over when or where it appears accross the internet.

For a business or organisation to prosper online, it’s critical that what your customers read about you online is an accurate and positive representation of who you are.

Unfortunately, responding to negative content and doing what you can to avoid it being published in the first place can be a minefield, misteps just seem to escelate an already bad situation.

So what exactly can you do to protect your most vulnerable, (and arguably most priceless) asset, your reputation?

There are a number of techniques that successful businesses employ in order to keep their reputation protected. The key is to implement a strategy that not only involves procedures for dealing with negativity when it arises, but allows for anticipation of negative content to avoid problems before they appear.

With this Masterclass Program we take your Executive Team step-by-Step through a structured process that allows your organisation or business to take control of your online reputation…. guaranteeing your online presence makes your business or organisation shine.


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ORM is all about the bottom line

FORBES: “according to Weber Shandwick data (via PR Newswire), executives believe their companies’ reputation accounts for 63% of their market value …”


  • SELF ASSESSMENT: What Does Your Online Reputation Look Like? – You’ll start by showing the importance of maintaining and controlling your online reputation and the key success factors required to develop an effective reputation management strategy.

  • BUILD THE SYSTEM: The 5 Key Steps to Online Reputation Management – the five key steps to reputation management, and how you can apply them specifically to your business or organisation by creating a targeted reputation and content strategy.

  • MAINTAIN CONTROL: How to Maintain Control Over Your Online Reputation – How to implement tactics for maintaining control over key areas of your online presence, along with recognising and avoiding common mistakes that may serve as obstacles.
    DAMAGE CONTROL SYSTEMS: Damage Control, stuff happens. How to MinimiSe and Counteract Negative Online Publicity. Finally, you’ll get specific step-by-step processes and methods of damage control and how to minimise the impact of negative comments if they should occur.

  • SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS: Next Steps – a review of what was learned during the change process and action planning on how to turn the new operational knowlege into a sustainable operating system that will protect your online reputation.

    And much more!


This workshop is usually delivered as
3x Half-day Workshops with templates and activities to build your in-house ORM System. In our training rooms, at your workplace or online.

From Time To Time This Workshop is Offered as a public Group Coaching/Training Program HERE


This workshop is for people:

  • Small, Medium and Large business, government & NGOs who have clients that can leave online reviews.
  • It is recomended that the management team and the frontline staff work on developing your ORM systems as a team.


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